Hilmar Fredriksen (1953)

Rita Marhaug (1965)


Kari Aasen (1950) and Karina Herteig (1951)


Inger Johanne Rasmussen (1958)


Mariken Kramer (1972)


Tom Gundersen (1951)

BKH 30 years - the whole house.

Børje Sundbakken (1970)

Ann Avranden (1967) and Sigurd Røsnes (1974)

Michael O'Donnell (1950)

Sidsel Palmstrøm (1967) and Ingunn Bakke (1966)



Elin Lundgren (b. 1973, Sweden) & Petter Pettersson (b. 1972, Sweden)

Melati Suryodarmo (b. 1969, Indonesia)

Leif Holmstrand (b. 1972, Swenden)

The Hungry Hearts (Norway)


aiPotu (Norway)

Tori Wrånes (b. 1978, Norway)

Paintings and videos. Main space.

One of the pioneers of Norwegian avantgarde in the 70s and 80s, Hilmar Fredriksen employs most techniques and started alternating between videos, sculpture, installations, drawings and performance long before this became common amongst young artists in the 1990s.
At Kunstbanken he exhibits new minimalist paintings as well as some of his classic videos. He has represented Norway at exhibitions abroad including Sydney and São Paulo.

Horizon. Picture installation. Vault.

Having previously visited Kunstbanken as a performance artist, Marhaug here shows a brand new picture installation. Her works are photo based intaglio prints mounted to acrylic glass and then varnished. Using horizons as a theme, the picture elements comprise organic droplike shapes.

Objects. Loft.

The artists create objects as variations on the same shape, made from varnish, copper and marble. Aasen uses organic shapes which evoke broad association in that they are reminiscent of corals, seed or internal organs. Herteig uses crickets as a staring point. In China small sculptures of crickets are given as birthday presents to ensure longevity. Herteig and Aasen have made their objects at a workshop in Beijing.


Textiles. Large space and small space.

Rasmussen exhibits several large appliquéd tapestries. Traditional textile patterns are used to retell the stories she finds in applied art, intensified in colour and shape; dramatic and altered with new elements. One of the most renowned textile artists in Norway today, Rasmussen has been acquired by some of the most important collections in Norway.

The End - Behold a Pale Horse. Video. Loft.

Apocalyptic visions and conspiracy theories have not decreased in a world which many find increasingly complex and incomprehensible. Kramer presents a video work, a series of pictures and a culptural work which address some of the notions about "The New World Order".

Hommage. Woodcut. Vault.

Hommage is a new series of graphic portraits which pays tribute to Arne Nordheim, Håkon Bleken and Stein Mehren - three grand old men of Norwegian culture. Describing the portraits as intervisual rather than psychological, Gundersen bases them on what the artists represent while he also makes references to art history.


Alf Kaare Berg 'Landskap med ved siden av'

Bildende Kunstnere Hedmark BKH (an organisation of visual artists in Hedmark) was established in 1979. The jubilee is celebrated with an extensive exhibition offering a broad presentation of the affiliated artists and the numerous techniques they employ. Around 50 artists will take part, making it the biggest assembly of Hedmark-based artists ever.The exhibition also presents a retrospective glance through newspaper cuttings, articles etc.
Tore Hansen


Paintings. Large space.

Sundbakken exhibits a new series of large, richly coloured paintings with a graffiti-like expression. His work holds large contrasts in composition, coulours and subject. In his paintings he seeks to interpret the conflict between what is fundamentally human and the inhuman demands of modern society.

PopScape. Sound, picture and film. Vault.

Avranden is based in Hamar and works as a book illustrator, a designer as well as a visual artist, while Stockholm-based Røsnes is a composer. Their installation is made up of film, lights, collage painting and sound.

Installation. Loft.

O'Donnell examines the way in which light transforms spaces. Using bright light bulbs he draws an outline of simple shapes or short texts and exclamations influenced by popular culture. He is renowned for his steel and wooden sculptures. O'Donnell is a professor at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

Installation. Cellar.

This is a joint exhibition in which the artists present textile objects and sculptures. Palmstrøm works with thread and textiles which she juxtaposes with found objects from everyday life. A textile artist, Bakke's previous work comprises various types of fabric prints often in geometric patterns. In this new exhibition she experiments with digital prints.


Lundgren and Pettersson have cooperated on different projects within visual arts and theatre since 1999. Their work expresses the feeling of being left out, violence and failure visualised as pictures. They are founders and artistic directors of Lilith Performance Studio in Malmö, Sweden. The studio works on international productions and has a unique residency programme that enables artists to fulfil larger projects. The studio performances are realised in close cooperation with the studio. Lundgren and Pettersson are co-curators of the Performance Festival 2009 at Kunstbanken, and they are also performing at the festival.

Suryodarmo's performances are often calm, poetic and visual.With live tableaus, she creates contemplative pictures characterized by serenity and black humour. Her work deals with how we cope with personal obstacles and risktaking in order to create new possibilities for ourselves. The performances are described as concentrated, repetitive pictures, lasting from twenty minutes to 8 hours where she holds a static position or repeats a movement. The repetition and duration gives the audience the impression that nothing happens, and the artist and the audience can let the mind rest. Suryodarmo has participated on several international performance festivals and exhibitions. She lives and works in Braunschweig, Germany.

Leif Holmstrand works on performance, photography, text, video, light and sculpture. His work contains physical objects in space where the actual action, the performative is visualised. The subject of his work is a dreamlike dissolution of the genus, in order to find and light the cultural and biological boundries of the body. Among his sculptures are knitted objects, covers; garments that are impossible to wear. His poetry collections; Stekelgång (2002), Går vidare i världen (2005) and Myror (2008) are published by Albert Bonnier publisher. Holmstrand lives and works in Malmö.

The Hungry Hearts is a multimedia pin-up performance band. The band expresses itself through music inspired by David Lynch and Marlene Dietrich, mixed with texts and coreographed movement. The subject of the performance concerts are love and longing, and this is expressed through the artist's different alter egos with a touch of humour. The group has performed at the annual Autumn Exhibition at Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo and at Landmark/Bergen Kunsthall among other places. The artists Tonje Gjevjon, Line Halvorsen, Amina Bech, Ingeborg Kolle and Edith Roth Gjevjon are The Hungry Hearts.

aiPotu will together with Kristian Øverland Dahl (N), Anna Odell (S), Camilla Thorup (DK) and Jorunn Hancke Øgstad (N) paint a large-scale outdoor painting. The work is a durational project which will last throughout the festival. The city of Hamar, its history and surroundings are in the centre of things. aiPotu is an artistic collaboration between the artists Anders Kjellesvik (b. 1980, Norway) and Andreas Siqueland (b. 1973, Norway). Since 2004 they have worked together on site spesific projects related to travels. In 2008 they participated at the Sydney biennial - Revolutions Forms That Turn and the group show Pavillon 7 at Palais de Tokyo in Paris.

Tori Wrånes is preparing a special performance for Kunstbanken. She is working primarily with her voice and with sculpture, and mixes techniques from theatre, music and visual arts. She is also an actress and has worked on different music projects including soundtracks. With different bands she has toured USA, Canada and Europe. Her works have been exhibited at art galleries, theatres, on concert stages and in site specific spaces. Wrånes graduated from the Art Academy, Oslo in the spring 2009.

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