Marianne Bratteli


Yvonne Hjerting

Atle Selnes Nielsen


Public Art - OK!

Marit Justine Haugen

Roghie Asgari Torvund

Aslaug Juliussen

Bjørn Terje Nygaard

Anne-Line Iversen

Michael Schlømer

23rd January - 7th March. Paintings.

Marianne Brattel (1951) grew up in a post-war era characterized by the lack of an innocent childhood. The emotions and the atmosphere of this period have influenced and coloured her artistic expression. At the same time, her paintings have an open, often humorous side, with an exuberant use of colours as well as vitality, but also melancholy. She is considered one of the most prominent painters of her generation and her work has been acquired by influential museums and institutions. Marianne Bratteli will present some of her new paintings at Kunstbanken.

23rd January - 7th March
. Drawings.

Yvonne Hjerting (1939), born in Gothenburg, came to Norway in 1970 after completing her studies at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Since then she has worked with printmaking, but at Kunstbanken she will exhibit some of her colour drawings. Both narrative and illustrative, they express ways in which she experiences her local community and the relationships between friends. Hjerting currently lives in Moss (N).

20th March - 16th May

A group of artists has been invited to discuss the relationship between fiction and reality. Against the backdrop of their own experiences and references, Vanna Bowles (1974), Ole Martin Lund Bø (1973), Bjørn-Kowalski Hansen (1979), Marius Mørch (1973) and Andreas Tellefsen (1976) will explore topical questions and demonstrate different aspects of the theme. The exhibition comprises video, sculpture, installation and drawing.
Curator: Birgitte Lie

Supported by Arts Council Norway, The Freedom of Expression Foundation, Hamar Council, First Hotel Victoria and Solberg&Hansen.

20th March - 16th May
Kinetisk skulptur. Kjeller.

For the exhibition at Kunstbanken, Nielsen has made an electro-mechanic flower and two sculptures in which the movement of air and water generates breathing-like sounds. His installations move according to their own built-in programme in a closed circuit. By using analogue technology and elements like air, water, kitchen equipment, bicycle parts and audio tape, he focuses on the challenges placed on us by today's digital technology. A graduate of the Bergen National Academy of the Arts, Nielsen currently lives and works in the municipality of Stokke in Vestfold (N). Supported by Arts Council Norway.

29th may - 29th August

ESSENS NK's Theme Exhibition 2010

This year's summer exhibition presents high-quality arts and crafts. Every year, The Norwegian Association of Arts and Crafts (NK) initiate a juried regional exhibition, an event which this year has been awarded NK Øst-Norge and Kunstbanken.
ESSENS features art and craft work based on the traditional qualities of the discipline: a knowledge of materials, workmanship, creativity and a willingness for risktaking and to experiment. There will also be seminars on exhibition-related themes. The exhibition will travel on to the KUBE Art Museum in Ålesund and Gallery Svalbard in Longyearbyen in 2010.

29th may - 29th August

In connection with ESSENS, there will be an exhibition on the theme of public art. Public Art - OK! is a 'documentation exhibition' which focuses on public art projects. The exhibition, with its focal point on Hedmark and Oppland counties, features examples of completed art projects mainly commissioned by local and regional government departments, though individual artists' work will also be presented.

11th September - 24th October


Through integrating architecture, landscape, sculpture and installation, Haugen (1973) explores the relationship between art and function. She works with spatial aspects and installations that focus on the individual in the public sphere. Haugen has won a number of awards, as well as architectural and other art competitions, as a result of which her work has been purchased. Together with architect Dan Zohar (siv. ark MNAL), she owns Haugen/Zohar Arkitekter, and she also lectures at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design. Haugen is a graduate of The Oslo National Academy of the Arts, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim and the Academy of Art in Jerusalem

11th September - 24th October

"Room to live". Documentary videos.

Through two documentary videos Torvund investigates different situations where women try to create a common space in which to find the peace and quiet to make meaning of their lives.
Her work combines documentaries with biographical references. Her being brought up in three distinct cultures creates an important basis for her work. Torvund, who grew up in Teheran, Iran, after migrating from Azerbaijan came to Norway as a UN refugee in 1987. She is currently based in Oslo. She is a graduate of the Oslo National Academy of Fine Arts.

11th September - 24th October

Re: Frozen Flowers. Installation.

The exhibition is a result of 20 years of Juliussen's work with art and reindeer husbandry. She has become particularly fascinated by reindeer, and the Sami reindeer husbandry culture has given her access to a range of new materials, including reindeer hide, horn and bone, as well as livestock identification tags which she fashions into beautiful objects. Juliussen has exhibited in Norway as well as abroad, and her artwork has been purchased by a number of collectors. A graduate of the Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KiO), she now lives and works in Tromsø.

6th November - 31th December

Malerier. Store sal.

Nygaards work has an abstract expression; monochrome surfaces are juxtaposed into pictures usually associated with landscapes. In some of his other works there are more complicated constructions and surreal elements that nonetheless seem recognisable. Colour and light is important also as elements to create form and space. He has exhibited extensively, has received grants, had public art commissions and his work has been purchased by private collectors as well as for public art collections. Nygaard is a graduate of the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art and the Norwegian National Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo. Bjørn Nygaard currently lives and works in Brumunddal.

6th November - 31th December


Iversen exhibits five large texile pieces using screen print and mixed techniques and a limited selection of colours, and also gold and silver. In her work she simplifies ornamentation, focusing on the importance of spatial awareness, shape and expression. Anne-Line
Iversen has undertaken numerous study trips and is inspired by Indian textiles. A graduate of The Art Folk High School in Holbæk Denmark and the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, she has participated at a number of exhibitions, has had several art commissions and has had her work purchased by The National Museum and The Arts Council Norway a o.

6th November - 31th December

"Estetikken i en brukt tepose". Sculptures.

Schlømer will present sculptures made from various materials. He takes his inspiration from houses and old artefacts, using recycled materials which he assembles in new and surprising ways. At Kunstbanken he will also show house sculptures fashioned from cardboard and wood.

Michael Schlømer is a graduate of Gævle Art School and the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm. He has participated at a number of exhibitions in Norway and Sweden, and has had his work purchased by Ringsaker Municipality and Hedmark County Council, a o. He lives and works in Hamar.

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