21st JANUARY - 11th MARCH

Hans Keuls - Ritme van de hand

A big fan of Norway, the Dutch painter Hans Keuls (1956) is renowned for his large-scale works done in an expressive yet poetic style. Nature is his major source of inspiration. With energetic strokes of the brush and thick layers, Keuls conjures different atmospheres. He is also a drummerin a band, and musicality, rythm and harmony are ever-present in his paintings. He will exhibit several works of art of varying sizes, many of wich have been inspired by his trips to Norway. In 2000 Hans Keuls participated at an exhibition in Kunstbanken alongside fellow Dutch artists.
 Petter Alexander Hepsø - Corpus Rajomorphii and Invers

Petter Hepsø (1973) has for a number of years worked on sculptures of animals. His new artworks and objects made from marble and wood balance between the recognisable and the mysterious, existing in the span between figurative and abstract expressions. In the vault Hepsø exhibits stingrays made from marble, plaster cast and bronze, while in the basement galleries he shows a separate series of sculptures intitled Invers. The name is a direct reference to the fact that it is the inside of the objects that gives shape to the outside.

Mailind Solvind Mj�en24th MARCH - 20th MAY

Young artists from Hedmark

With this exhibition Kunstbanken wants to show what the youngest artists from the region have to offer. They belong to the generation born in the 1980s and are either about to complete their art education or have finished their studies within the last five years. The artists employ a variety of techniques but several have returnes to traditional techniques such as woodcuts and drawing combined with installation, photography and painting. 11 artists contribute to the exhibition: Anne Guro Larsmon, Hans Hansen, Johannes Borchgrevink Hansen, Kine Lillestrøm, Mailind Solvind Mjøen, Marthe Karen Kampen, Markus Li Stensrud, Silje Eugenie Strande Øktner, Sindre Foss Skancke, Synnøve G. Wetten og Åste Laberg.

 Runa Boger - My sledge is loaded with...

In a series of textiles, Runa Boger (1948) has used old houses and barns in Nord-Østerdalen as her starting point. She is particularly interested in the shapes and expressions of the old building structures and wants to convey the aesthetics of daily life on which weather and a lived-in existence have left their impression. She uses different dying and printing techniques on recycled wool. Boger has studied at the National College of Art and Design, Oslo, The Academy of Fine Arts, Lodz, Poland, and has gained an MA in History of Art,University of Oslo. She is also the editor of SOFTmagasin, the Norwegian Textile Artists´ online magazine.

 2nd JUNE - 26th AUGUST


In a variety of ways the participating artists will reflect on life processes, humans as part of nature and nature as part of us, vulnerability, balance, imbalance, as well as local developement. Elin Drougge, Ingwill M. Gjelsvik, Reinhard Haverkamp, Annika Simonsson & Lars-Erik Svensson, Elisabeth Maria Toften and Anna Widén participate with projects at Kunstbanken. Linda Bakke, Geir Stormoen and the local park authorituies have produced four outdoor projects throughout the town of Hamar. For the very first time we will use the terrace at Kunstbanken for an extensive art project by Aase Marie Brun.
 Kjell Nymoen

Kjell Nymoen (1939) is a grand old man within the art circles of Hedmark, and has been exhibiting on a regular basis since 1966. He is perhaps best known as a painter but here, for the first time, he will present a solo exhibition comprising felt tip and indian ink, pencil and charcoal drawings. These can be divided ino two types: Set compositions and spontaneous, imaginative drawings. The set compositions deal with themes such as ruins, cityscapes and motifs based on poems by Rolf jacobsen and other lyricists. The spontaneous drawings tend to have a symbolic and mythical subject matter where man is at the centre. Kjell Nymoen regularly exhibits at Kunstnerforbundet and Galleri Dobloug in oslo, and is represented at the largest public museums and collections in Norway. Nymoen lives and works in Hamar and is this years Festival Artist at the Kirsten Flagstad festival.


Anna Sigmond Gudmundsdottir

In this solo exhibition Anna Sigmond Gudmundsdottir (1974) exhibits installations that comprise drawings, text, photography, textiles, video, paintings and collages. The artist is renowned for drawings and vast, chaotic wall paintings and installations both inside and outside art institutions. At Kunstbanken, she shows new artwork and also launches her new artist´s book published by Torpedo Press. Sigmond Gudmundsdottir graduated from Bergen National Academy of fine Arts in 2000. She participated at the Manifesta Biennial 2002 and has exhibited in a number of countries.

 Robert Johansson - Pine Pitch Aether

In his exhibition Pine Pitch Aether, Johansson (1977) explores time travel and escapism in nature, and how these inherently carry a powelessness but also a possibility. In several of the artworks the techniques (drawing, photography, pyrography and sculpture) merge. The exhibition comes across as an installation in which wood is a central material as well as a subject matter. Since leaving the Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 2003, Johansson has had many group- and solo exibitions in Norway. He has participated in two Performance festivals at Kunstbanken 82003 and 2004) and in 2009 he was comissioned for a wood relief at Våler secondary school. He lives and works in Oslo.

 Inghild Karlsen

The audience are issued with torches with which to explore the basement vaults. The installations that emerge are made from reflectors, sounds and texts. Since 2008 Inghild Karlsen has worked with themes such as darkness and light, having experience of the dark season in Tromsø where she was born. An experienced pictorial artist, she is, among others, a contributor to Artscape Nordland and she was Norway's representative at the prestigious Sao Paulo Biennial in 1994. She lives and works in Oslo.

 10th NOVEMBER 2012 - 6th JANUARY 2013

Kari Håkondsen and Vidar Koksvik with assistants

Kari Håkonsen (1969) and Vidar Koksvik (1969) are rated amongst the most important glass artists of their generation in Norway and the two have shared a workshop for the past ten years. They have enjoyed continuous artistic development, have exhibited in numerous places in Norway as well as abroad, and have received several awards and stipends. However, this is the first time the two have collaborated for an exhibition. The extensive exhibition at Kunstbanken offers a substantial boost and the audience can look forward to a number of new works produced especially for this exhibition. Håkonsen and Koksvik studied at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design and the National School of Glass in Orrefors, Sweden. Klart glass, their workshop, is located at Tjura in Grue. For the exhibition in Hamar, Håkonsen and Koksvik have also invited former assistants who for the past ten years have assisted them in their daily production and been taught their glass blowing techniques.

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