Jiri Havran - Raileay typology - collage/assemblage

Jiri Havran (1953) has a solid position in Norwegian photo art. At Kunstbanken he shows photos of Norwegian and Nordic water towers as well as stations and other buildings along selected railway tracks in Norway. The project illustrates great variation in style and shape and gives insight into a recently concluded railway epoch. The project is inspired by German photographers Bernd and Hilla Becher, masters of typology.

 Tone Myskja - The Still Point of the Turning World - video installation

The three-part video installation by Tone Myskja (1961) shows three simultaneous stories with people who move in different landscapes. The places are deserted but show evidence of habitation. The videos thematise a feeling of moving from one place to another, transitions of time, things we never quite manage to grasp. The installation operates in the intersection between fine art, stage art and music. Sound design: Kamilya Jubran/Werner Hasler.

 Arkivet - Is this my place?

Arkivet is a new group comprising five established jewellery artists: Heidi Sand, Camilla Luihn, Elsie Ann Hochlin, Putte H. Dal and Hilde Dramstad. Is this my place? is their first joint exhibition. The theme is traces: belonging, individual lives, places and events create new rooms in which you either wish or don't wish to be. The theme becomes tangible in jewellery with individual approaches and broad associations.

 21st MARCH - 10TH MAY

Endre Aalrust - Thirteen Moons (Tretten måner) - painting and sculpture

Endre Aalrust (1973) grew up in Hamar and has lived part-time in Berlin for the last 12 years. He uses a variety of techniques and at Kunstbanken he shows sculptures sewn from leather and a series of small paintings. This is his first solo exhibition where paintings play such a prominent role. The sculptures, inspired by Fassbinder's film In einem Jahr mit 13 Monden, were made during a stay in Buenos Aires in 2014.

 Alexander Grüner - Courage - Yet Each Man Kills The Thing He Loves

Alexander Grüner (1959) exhibits Courage - Yet Each Man Kills The Thing He Loves, based on Oscar Wilde's The Reading Gaol, a poetry collection that is highly critical of Victorian society's mechanisms of oppression. Grüner's art work comprises thousands of small coils made from newspaper with 25 different colour combinations. Using a regular system, three stanzas from Wilde's collection are recreated. Courage is the ability to oppose and resist.

 Margarida Paiva - video

Margarida Paiva (1975) works with video in the intersection between fact and fiction. She bases her stories on real events which she deconstructs and reassembles to create new stories. Female characters lead the onlooker into a psychological, dark and fragmented world. Margarida Paiva has studied at Oslo National Academy of the Arts and Trondheim Academy of Fine Art. She lives and works in Oslo.

23rd MAY - 9th AUGUST

El Anatsui

El Anatsui (1944) shows an extensive solo exhibition at Kunstbanken in summer 2015. The internationally renowned artist has achieved great recognition and enjoys a wide ranging artistic career. El Anatsui participated at Kunstbanken's Recycling exhibition in 2008 with Earth's Skin and it is a great pleasure to present him again. This time he fills the whole building with an exhibition that features new works. El Anatsui is represented at most major museums and collections such as the British Museum (London) and Centre Pompidou (Paris), and has exhibited at key art biennials worldwide.

 22nd AUGUST - 4th OCTOBER

Geir Yttervik - painting and watercolour

Yttervik (1955) works with watercolour and oil paintings in a realistic style. The scenes are drawn from memory and personal experience. The painting, compiled from several photos, is charged with an undefined situation: something that is about to happen or has happened but we don't know what. The large format, movement, people and animals prominent in the front of the picture lend a sense of participation.

 Margreta Stølen - drawing

Margreta Stølen (1980) is a pictorial storyteller who conveys dystopian and fragmented stories through large drawings. Her work displays feminine and beautiful expressions to ease the unpleasantness of interpersonal relationships. Stølen weaves bodily postures, objects and symbols, creating a logical dream universe. Margreta Stølen has studied at Central St. Martins in London.

 Marit Eken Kalager - Wearable - sculptural clothes

Marit Eken Kalager (1948) is an important representative of the Norwegian clothes art scene. Her knitted wool creations are made to be worn but they also have an independent sculptural expression. The consistent use of black or white underlines the structural and sculptural quality of the items. In the exhibition Wearable she shows five outfits that range from clean cut to more complex compositions.

 Sverre Morken - From micro to macro

Belonging and identity are the themes of the exhibition consisting of a selection among more than 200 stamps and banknotes by Sverre Morken (1945). High artistic quality, detail and precision characterize his miniatures. Sculpture, printmaking and drawing are also displayed in the exhibition. Morken has received 11 international and national awards for his work.

 16th - 17th OCTOBER

The Performance Festival 2015 - Living pictures

And now for something completely different! Intriguing, weird, absurd and beautiful Living pictures is on the programme on Saturday 17th October when Kunstbanken hosts its 10th Performance Festival. There will be performances inside Kunstbanken and in the town, with an emphasis on the expressive and poetic - often called sculptural performance. On Friday 16th October there will be seminars and performances especially adapted for school pupils.The festival is supported by Arts Council Norway and Hamar Municipality. For more information: kunstbanken.no/performance.



For the 4th time we have the pleasure of inviting you to what we hope will be an inspirational meeting with artists who sell glassware, graphic art, ceramics, paintings, jewellery, drawings and textiles. The actual artists will be here to present their work. Around 30 artists affiliated with Bildende Kunstnere Hedmark & The Norwegian Association of Arts and Crafts Øst-Norge will participate.


HC Gilje - installation

HC Gilje (1969) moves between experimental video, installation, live performance and scenography. More recently he has worked on a large project, Conversations with Spaces, in which the experience of change is explored through light, projection, sound and movement that meet physical structures (objects, rooms, landscapes). At Kunstbanken Gilje shows a projection based installation and a light/movement installation.

 Karen Klim - The silence of the moment (Øyeblikkets stillhet) - glass

Karen Klim (1951) is a pioneer of Norwegian glass art. She partook in the establishment of Norway's first glass hut at Frysja in 1978. Her production has moved from wine glasses to series of sculptural glass objects and her work is characterized by finely tuned variations of the visual expression. The silence of the moment comprises a group of large abstract objects and several series of small, vase based shapes.

 Anne-Karine Solgaard - jewellery

Solgaard (1952) uses unconventional materials such as screws, bolts, plastic and rubber combined with silver, pearls and gemstones in her jewellery. The finished objects are assembled with rhythmic repetition giving the components a new significance. The transparent and white expression in the works shown brings associations of winter and frost.

 -Jeg ELSKER denne banken!!

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