Dag Skedsmo - painting, wall objects and sculpture

Skedsmo (1951) is one of the most highly acclaimed artists within the non-objective and constructivist field in Norway today. He has received huge recognition for his works which are carried out with purpose and perfectionism resulting in prestigious decorative assignments such as in the Regjeringskvartalet and at Gardermoen. His works are characterised by a restrained use of colours and methods. The shapes, whether in paintings, objects or sculptures, are based on geometrical principles in which he explores the number of possible combinations within the same construction. Dag Skedsmo produced a solo exhibition in Kunstbanken in 2006 where he displayed a series of sculptural installations made from acid-proof steel. He has lived and worked in Kongsvinger since 1982.

Inger-Johanne A. Brautaset - The Road to Aleppo

The exhibition project The Road to Aleppo addresses the present-day situation in Syria and our joint history. In her works, Brautaset (1944) discusses the loss of art and culture on an historical, human, social and poetic level. The project took shape after several trips to Syria in peacetime during her fascination with ancient traces of city structures revealed at archaeological digs. Since then the project has grown and is now influenced by the war. The exhibition will present a selection of works from this extensive project. The pictures are a mix of techniques, constructed from layers of handmade paper, pigments, acrylic paint and PVA on canvass or paper. The method of layering illustrates in a poetic way how some traces of human life have disappeared while others have remained.

MARIA KONSTANSE BRUUN - You are to me what I was to her

The project comprises a series of staged photographic portraits of the artist and her son from when he was around six months old onwards. The series thematises the emotional challenges and complexity inherent in the psychological aspects a woman is confronted with in her new role as a mother. There is little focus on the fact that motherhood may be one of the most traumatic psychological challenges experienced by women. Bruun feels that the stereotypical idea of motherhood as one of society's holy pillars makes the situation more complex and in stark contrast to what has been achieved within gender equality and women's liberation. The title of the exhibition suggests the universal aspect of the theme; this is something my mother experienced before me and my daughter will experience after me.

11. MARCH - 7. MAY

Østlandsutstillingen 2017

Østlandsutstillingen aims to take the pulse of the contemporary art scene in the Østlandet region. The audience will encounter a wide range of expressions, materials, ideas, stories and intentions. This is an annual juried exhibition which endeavours to provide an attractive viewing platform for artists in the region and be a venue at which contemporary art from the seven Østlandet counties can be exhibited. The 38th Østlandsutstillingen will be displayed in Hedmark, Buskerud and Østfold. In the lower floor of Kunstbanken there will be site-specific works of art, while at the same time an audio-visual artwork will be shown at Kongsvinger Fortress. In collaboration with Kunstbanken, a seminar will be held on the opening day, and there will be artist talks and other information activities. A prize is awarded to the most striking artwork at the exhibition.

20. MAY - 7. AUGUST

Julie Skarland, In my Garden, textile

Skarland (1960), this year's summer exhibitor, is a distinctive and successful artist who is back in Norway after a long career abroad. It all started with a stay in Paris where she created her own "Rustic Couture" look with references to Norwegian textile traditions, for which she was given extensive reviews in fashion magazines and bought up by leading museums. After Paris, she lived in India for 10 years, where she produced organic collections based on Indian materials and local workers. The exhibition at Kunstbanken will comprise of installations and off-couture clothing. The design, inspired by the flowers, trees and teeming bird and wildlife on her Indian terrace, are present in embroidered and woven wall hangings, as applications on clothes, and in textile collages fashioned from old silk saris.


Hilde A Danielsen, Atai, installation

Danielsen (1972) is a craft artist who works in the broader field of spatial art and sculpture, with references to architecture. She has for some time custom made large scale art which has been displayed at alternative and interdisciplinary as well as more established arenas, at home and abroad, including Sculpture by the Sea in Århus and in Australia. She stages and creates an artistic expression through metaphors as well as literal interpretations of words and their diverse significance. By using familiar building elements in new compositions, she encourages free reflection on our own lives and the time, society and world in which we live. Perforated bricks, an open upside down door and several layers of reflective windows which act as mirrors for the onlooker invite us to question who we are and want to be.

Susanne Roti (1984), Fashion - drawing art

The exhibition will show works in the cross section between pictures and items of clothing. Roti works with drawings and textiles and explores the idea of the clothes as well as the item itself. As the drawing refers to the idea while the form or textile is concrete, the work may be seen as a fusion of representation and reality. The works have clear references to both disciplines - fashion and drawing - through the interpretation of iconic clothing/textiles and the use of traditional drawing techniques. In her work, she builds on an old tradition by using surreal elements in fashion; in showing something familiar through something unknown, the works create a dialogue with the past. Roti studied fashion design at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. In 2016 she participated at the Drawing Biennale and the Autumn Exhibition.

Marit Tunestveit Dyre, OPPLYST, text sculpture, performance

Tunestveit Dyre (1983) is interested with communication and the ways in which we use language in relationships and social situations. The starting point for the art project is her interest in letters and words; how the words we choose may include or exclude the receiver, in literal or subjective interpretations of words and concepts, and in the physicality inherent in some words. At Kunstbanken, Tunestveit Dyre will work sculpturally and performatively with words and letters, in a combination between physical, written and spoken words. The physical letters may create sculptural compositions, operate as interactive words or act as physical elements in performative and verbal actions. The project lends itself well to informational undertakings and will be on display in the loft.


The Performance Festival 2017

Come to Kunstbanken's popular performance festival and experience something completely different! Performance is a close encounter between artist and onlooker. At this year's festival, we will explore how performance artists work with sound in a variety of different ways, from ritual sound installations on the organ and an artistic reworking of a scientific recording, to a combination of jewellery art and sound material. 12-14 artists will participate. The performances will take place inside Kunstbanken and outdoors in Hamar. On Friday there are school performances in collaboration with Hedmark Touring Organisation, and on Saturday the programme is open for everybody. The performance festival receives funding from Arts Council Norway. More details can be found on www.kunstbanken.no/performance before the summer.


Jon Gundersen - Around Mjøsa - and a bit more. Collage, sculpture

Jon Gundersen (1942) enjoys a special position in Norwegian art, especially with his peculiar and finely-tuned sculptures. He has three main areas of focus: pictures that can be cut and glued; things that are put together and text-based works. These expressions are either combined or displayed separately. This exhibition is made especially for Kunstbanken and will comprise several new works of art in the shape of sculptural juxtapositions of things, as Gundersen puts it. We will also see the coastline of Mjøsa stretched out as a wall frieze of map sheets. Gundersen's works appeal to the viewer's sense of humour, disarming and opening up for experiencing, sensing, associating and fantasising. Gundersen's Dobbeltdyr outside the town hall in Hamar is one of many examples of his sculptures.

Ana Rita Antonio

Ana Rita Antonio (1980) challenges the conventions in art and design with humour and satire, and is distinctively influenced by her Portuguese background. Her works are project based, often with a philosophical departure point which she interprets to suit her own artistic needs. Making particular reference to the Dutch architect H.P. Berlage and his views on the rules of good and bad taste, she has written her own ALL RIGHT Design Beerestein Manifesto which comprises thirteen rules of materials, constructions and decorations. Antonio caught the attention at the Autumn Exhibition 2014 where she presented photos of shelves in which she formed part of the construction. In the vault in Kunstbanken, she will exhibit her Manifesto and a series of 13 vases, or photos of vases, made from unorthodox materials such as wood, rubber and 3D print.

Eli Katarina Kjønsberg and Mari Røysamb

Since 2001, Kjønsberg (1965) and Røysamb (1964) have collaborated on several exhibitions. Both have also worked individually with their own projects since they finished their education in 1996. For their collaborative work, they seek an artistic recognition and resonance in each other's artwork. The main theme of their joint exhibitions is the constellation and communication between the separate works and the artists. Every exhibition is built around a dramatic composition where each of the pieces interreact. Their recent artworks are about reality displacement, revolving and highlighting uniqueness, normality and recognition, and how to move towards something that both makes sense and borders on the senseless. At Kunstbanken they will show objects, installations, sculptures, drawings, photos and videos.

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